Host Recaps

Prologue – Where all stupidity breaks loose

Chapter One – I think, therfore I am the protagonist.

Chapter Two – The best, don’t doubt it.

Chapter Three – Talking is better than action, right?

Chapter Four – One, two and backstory

Chapter Five – Memories, like the corner of the story

Chapter Six – Where do they hide all those wonderful hoomans

Chapter Seven – The Seeker is bothersome

Chapter Eight – Travelin Music

Chapter Nine – Here we go off to Beaver Falls, Beaver Falls

Chapter Ten – In the desert, you can’t remember your plot

Chapter Eleven – Providence a la author

Chapter Twelve – Dead, or maybe not

Chapter Thirteen – Attack of the 50 IQ point humans

Chapter Fourteen – It can only be Jared

Chapter Fifteen – Nobody knows the boredom I’ve seen

Chapter Sixteen – Mt Villany

Chapter Seventeen – Alien = dumb

Chapter Eighteen – In a cave, down by the river

Chapter Nineteen – We’ve been here before, you and I

Chapter Twenty – Somnambulism, Power tools and You

Chapter Twenty One – Failing the trust exercises

Chapter Twenty Two – Jeb could be silence with some duct tape and moonshine

Chapter Twenty Three – Aliens, Zen and the Art of Garden Maintenance

Chapter Twenty Four – Why are we friends again?

Chapter Twenty Five – Once upon a time…

Chapter Twenty Six – Inexplicable allegiances

Chapter Twenty Seven – A possible threat? Time to hide bravely in the pantry.

Chapter Twenty Eight – They should switch to Red Rover

Chapter Twenty Nine – They made out a lot.

Chapter Thirty –  Big girls don’t cry.

Chapter Thirty One – Walt goes into the freezer

Chapter Thirty Two – It’s a cave match

Chapter Thirty Three – Someone could have gotten hurt

Chapter Thirty Four – Does someone have a morphine addiction?

Chapter Thirty Five – As big a farce as the Enron ordeal

Chapter Thirty Six – How do we kill time? I know, let’s play soccer?

Chapter Thirty Seven – Let’s fight over something insignificant for no reward

Chapter Thirty Eight – Is it awful in here or is it just me?

Chapter Thirty Nine -What’s a nice alien like you doing in a human slum like this?

Chapter Forty – You’re monters, all monst–oh? It’s just a misunderstanding?

Chapter Forty One – It’s okay, the kid’s got two legs.

Chapter Forty Two – Oh look Harold, those kids are engaging in heavy petting!

Chapter Forty Three – Not the answer

Chapter Forty Four – Me like simple

Chapter Forty Five – Almost to the real plot, maybe

Chapter Forty Six – Drink, Mosltov!

Chapter Forty Seven – They drew first blood, not me.

Chapter Forty Eight – Oh no, cops.

Chapter Forty Nine – And to your left, you’ll see the magestic Antagonist in her natural habitat.

Chapter Fifty – Author escape hatch, activate!

Chapter Fifty One – Good ol’ Doc, he’s quite the cutup.

Chapter Fifty Two – Whoa, what a nap.

Chapter Fifty Three – Bring me his head!

Chapter Fifty Four – Glenda? Mary? Lamprey?

Chapter Fifty Five – Almost there.

Chapter Fifty Six – Where Eve is voted out of humanity.

Chapter Fifty Seven – Insufferable Survivor fans, unite.

Chapter Fifty Eight – I see endings of suck

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