Twilight Book 3(Eclipse Recaps)

Things are here.

Chapter Ten – Motorcycle safety, Ha!

Chapter Eleven – Legends of Furries

Chapter Twelve – It Bites

Chapter Thirteen – Tonight on Biography, Jasper Cullen

Chapter Fourteen – Confessions of a Teen Wolf

Chapter Fifteen – Character Assassination

Chapter Sixteen – Bella can whine if she wants to.

Chapter Seventeen – A break in the slow

Chapter Eighteen – Suggestive Writing

Chapter Nineteen – Practice make more perfect

Chapter Twenty – No sex before marriage

Chapter Twenty One – Smores and blood don’t mix

Chapter Twenty Two – Two people, one bag

Chapter Twenty Three – A history of manipulation

Chapter Twenty Four – In the name of all that is sparkly, Victoria talks!

Chapter Twenty Five – Pringles, now in Extreme Swan flavor!

Chapter Twenty Six – And we have a book title

Chapter Twenty Seven – It’s not enough of an end for me

Eclipse Epilogue – It’s over, until the next book anyway