Twilight Book 4(Breaking Dawn Recaps)

Intro – Is there really a good way to get this started?

Chapter One – Here in my fake car, I feel safest of all

Chapter Two – Bella gone mild

Chapter Three – How many imitation weddings will this inspire?

Chapter Four – In which there is no regard for the human condition

Chapter Five – Where the, shall we say, cherry comes off the sundae

Chapter Six – Baywatch: Twilight Nights

Chapter Seven – Behold, unlife is concieved!

Chapter Eight – Need to go walkies

Chapter Nine – An offer you can refuse

Chapter Ten – Please think of the children who are an abomination unto all creation!

Chapter Eleven – Cue the Jeopardy theme

Chapter Twelve – I minored in BS and majored in Fictionology

Chapter Thirteen – Ken Burns The War, Twilight

Chapter Fourteen – Slower than a parked car

Chapter Fifteen – Dull vampires?

Chapter Sixteen – Jake needs a lay

Chapter Seventeen – Bella, the bloody rainbird

Chapter Eighteen – The end of Jacob’s story

Chapter Nineteen – Meanwhile, back at the dull part of the story

Chapter Twenty – 2 purfict 4 werds

Chapter Twenty One – Blood Hunt


Chapter Twenty Two – The waiting is the hardest part

Chapter Twenty Three – Kinky and gross

Chapter Twenty Four – Uncle Ed’s cottage

Chapter Twenty Five – Ignorance is Chaz

Chapter Twenty Six – The whole premise of the series explained

Chapter Twenty Seven – And why was Irina there?

Chapter Twenty Eight – The Volturi are coming!

Chapter Twenty Nine – People seemed to laugh more before Twilight…

Chapter Thirty – Might there really be no plot?

Chapter Thirty One – Professor Carlisle aka Wheels

Chapter Thirty Two – Madhouse

Chapter Thirty Three – Vhere are your papers?

Chapter Thirty Four – Every time a vampire kills, a demonspawn gets its horns.

Chapter Thirty Five – Everyone, say blood!

Chapter Thirty Six – A fight? Oh wait, wrong series.

Chapter Thirty Seven – This chapter might as well not even have happened.

Chapter Thirty Eight – Tension? No, that’s probably just indigestion.

Chapter Thirty Nine – Or, how it should have ended.