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Matched Chapter 17

We join Cassia hiking, again. Is this how the rest of the book is going to go? Chapter opens, Cassia is hiking and nothing happens. This chapter certainly isn’t breaking the pattern by much. Cassia says the hike was easier … Continue reading

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Matched Chapter 5

So the end of the last chapter ended on a cliffhanger that promised we’d hear something about this second “match” of Cassia’s along with the titillating detail that she knew him also. I already hate that because it makes the … Continue reading

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Marked Chapter 15

I’m still really hating how cheap PCK is being with Elliott. He hasn’t really done anything to deserve scorn from Zoey aside from insulting Damien. Considering how much trouble he’s gotten into just for being disinterested, I’d say he’s just … Continue reading

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Inheritance Chapter 71

This chapter is called “heir to the empire”. Which gives me  a distinctly creepy vibe. It summons visions of the Nasuada simply stepping into Gabby’s role as ruler of the land and making no concessions. I mean, the whole point … Continue reading

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Bree Part 13

Now that Diego’s split off to go die heroically, Bree is free to return to her routine. Namely sitting in the corner recounting every moment in the latest Family Guy episode that made her laugh whilst peppering her speech with … Continue reading

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Eldest Chapters 17 & 18

These chapters are called ‘down the rushing mere-wash’ and ‘drifting’. Did you think that we’d start being able to skip all the dull in between dicking around Eragon does because Chris has added another character? Yeah, so did I. Instead … Continue reading

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Host Chapter Forty Six

You know what would be an awesome way to end this book? Have it turn out to be a hysterical episode, not in the old fashioned sense mind you, of Jackie Otis. She could be suffering from Delusional Parasitosis and … Continue reading

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Host Chapter Thirty Seven

When Otis decided to ‘explain’ how the Crunchies bred, I wanted to put it under the knife like I do everything else when I had a second to think about it. Let’s start off with the aliens sexes’ shall we? … Continue reading

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