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Matched Chapter 21

We begin with Cassia saying that she’s finding it hard to concentrate. I would imagine that’s true. In order to concentrate you need to possess a brain and that toaster she uses as a surrogate doesn’t have a lot of … Continue reading

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Inheritance Chapter 51

There are a couple of things I noticed in the last chapter that’s actually been going on for a long time. For once, when the giant snails attacked they were described as moving as fast as a man can run … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapters 121-124

After being dragged through chapter after chapter of meaningless crap, we might finally be heading towards a belated, bloated climax. Though I’d be willing to wager my next paycheck that it’ll be as anti-climatic as an ice cube. What makes … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapters 35 & 36

You know what I love in stories? When a character, or the author, offers the audience a contradiction and the editor doesn’t call them on it. It gives me a boost in my faith of the publishing industry, it really … Continue reading

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Eragon Chapter Thirty Seven

This chapter is called ‘legacy of a rider’. Hmm, what could that be referring to? Is it Eragon? Maybe he dies in this chapter and leaves behind a ridiculous legacy so pathetic that the people decide to throw off the … Continue reading

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