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Inheritance First Impressions and Prologue

Sweet hell this thing is huge. I forgot how fucking large Paolini makes these damn things. The last two I did were digital format and it’s been a little while since the first book that I haven’t hefted one of … Continue reading

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Final Thoughts on Bree

At the start of Bree, I had hoped I’d end this set with a quick glance backwards by summing up the excuse for a plot with a pithy single sentence and saying ‘that’s it huh?’ But no, I can’t do … Continue reading

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Eragon Chapter Forty One

I have to wonder what the deal with this ‘shade’ of Chris’s is. He uses magic and he’s evil. That’s just another popular exit on the highway of fantasy tropes and not my source of displeasure. But why doesn’t he … Continue reading

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Eragon Chapter Thirty Nine

So why hasn’t the market for diamonds dropped out in Eragon’s universe? I mean, if Saphira can transform rock into diamond, sandstone no less which should lack the proper amount of carbon, then why can’t she do it for fun … Continue reading

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