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Chosen Chapter 11

Let’s talk about visions and prophecies in fiction, shall we? From prophecies in high fantasy to psychic flashes of the future, it seems that any book with a hint of the supernatural will have clairvoyance make a guest appearance. It … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapter 9 & 10

Let’s pretend you’re Max and that everything you’ve told us so far is the truth, the complete opposite so far. You’re youngest charge, the one you’re most attached to, has just been taken and you believe it’s to a fate … Continue reading

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Midnight Sun Chapter 6 part 2

So Ed is still finishing off the conversation that they can’t be having yet. Maybe it’s all happening in his head as he reads the future as Alice sees it. That’d be some trippy Phillip K Dick stuff right there … Continue reading

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Eldest Chapters 49 & 50

These chapters are called ‘in a starry glade’ and ‘landfall’. Eragon Wakes: 18 Eragon wakes alone. So, status quo then? Yup, Eragon runs through his douche checklist. He’s still in charge, still the best/last hope for the dragons and world … Continue reading

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Host Chapter Twenty Five

This chapter is called compelled. What is it with Otis and compulsion? Has she been peeking at Jordan’s magnum opus? I don’t think she could read it, not because the sheer size of the thing. Rather because she’d get forty … Continue reading

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Host Chapter Twenty Four

This chapter is called tolerated, joy. I’ll bet Otis is trying to make us see the hatred directed towards Eve as irrational prejudice. Maybe Eve and Jeb will stage a sit in at the cafeteria counter when they refuse to … Continue reading

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Host Chapter Five

So the first memory Eve came across was in the form of a dream. Sound familiar? I’m guessing that will be the theme from here on out. Eve will go to bed, relive Jackie Otis’s memories and the story will … Continue reading

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Host Chapter Two

I wonder what it would be like if some lame author with no self esteem wrote a book. Would their protagonist be fawned over by the other character who would shower them with endless compliments? Would we, as the audience, … Continue reading

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Host Prologue

Someone needs to tell Otis that you don’t always need a Prologue. They’re not mandated by law nor by custom. Though many real authors choose to include one, you could skip it. Really, it would be a sign that somewhere … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Chapter Thirty One

So another stray thought occurred to me the other day. While Ed can read minds he’s a rarity right? So couldn’t he use his powers for unprecedented douche-baggery? Like, for example, he could pretend to read Jake’s mind and make … Continue reading

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