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Life & Death Chapter 21

I’m still more than a little bothered by the fact that Archie and Jessamine drove Beau down to Arizona. That’s not to say there aren’t good reasons you could make. Maybe have had Earnest run off and leave a scent … Continue reading

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Keeping It Real Chapter 11

I haven’t even cracked the book for this chapter and I know how it’s going to go. I don’t mean plot-wise though I could take a pretty sharp stab at it. I mean that I know how Robson is going … Continue reading

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Eragon Chapter Twenty Six

Eragon Wakes: 15 This chapter is called ‘the witch and the werecat’. Oh come on Chris. One more word and you could have been making a reference to C.S. Lewis. How about ‘the warrior, the witch and the werecat’? Don’t … Continue reading

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