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Inheritance Chapter 19

So why didn’t the Imperials attack Roran’s forces last chapter? Okay, we’ll pretend they were impressed by Roran’s attitude. Sure, whatever you say Chris. But putting the stupidity aside, why wouldn’t they attack the scattered men? Let me paint the … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapters 101 & 102

One of those recurring themes I’m getting pretty sick of seeing crop up in media lately is the characters and lost family. It comes in lots of forms but the standard everyone seems to tap into the most is children … Continue reading

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Brisingr Chapters 7 & 8

These chapters are called ‘the trial of long knives’ and ‘winged tidings’. “But we are your people!” Fadawar, a tall, high-nosed, black-skinned man, spoke with the same heavy emphasis and altered vowels Nasuada remembered hearing during her childhood in Farthen … Continue reading

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Eldest Chapters 43 & 44

These chapters are called ‘the obliterator’ and ‘narda’. More long chapters, ugh. Whoa, I feel dizzy. Reading through the first bit, Chris starts to sum up the training. ‘He learned about poisons and how to cook and how to imbue … Continue reading

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