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Keeping It Real Chapter 14

How else would Robson begin this chapter? Why, by having Lila wake up. Luckily she has drugs which can snap her awake so she’s never groggy. Again, it’s weird how she uses these with impunity when it suits her purposes. … Continue reading

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Keeping It Real Chapter 5

Another thing that’s always bothered me about technology and magic not getting along is that they’re never incompatible. Or rather, there’s never a good reason they’re in compatible. It’s always just because the author says so. See, authors who write … Continue reading

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Inheritance Chapter 50

This chapter is called “snalglí for two “. I had to search for a bit to find the goofy í Chris used. What the hell is with Chris and accents? For those of you curious to look it up, that’s … Continue reading

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Eragon Chapter Thirty Nine

So why hasn’t the market for diamonds dropped out in Eragon’s universe? I mean, if Saphira can transform rock into diamond, sandstone no less which should lack the proper amount of carbon, then why can’t she do it for fun … Continue reading

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