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Inheritance Chapter 1

This chapter is called “into the breach”. So Chris decides to start off in media res in what I’m supposing is an attempt to be clever. Saphira is growling at soldiers and they “quailed”. Which is one of those words … Continue reading

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Midnight Sun Chapter 9 Part 1

Part of why I hate these stories, they probably don’t deserve  the title of book, are the changes to Otis’s vampires. Not because she changed them in general, fictional vampires have been evolving as a meme since Stoker. But because … Continue reading

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Eldest Chapters 67 & 68

These chapters are called ‘the storm breaks’ and ‘convergence’. Dawn comes and they decide it’s time to get this show on the road. The Varden try and sneak across towards the Imperials because it’s impossibly simple to go unnoticed while … Continue reading

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Eragon Chapter Forty Seven

There’s a moment in the latest fakestallment of—that is to say pretender to the throne—the Indiana saga that bugs me more than any other. It’s when they’re looking for a skull and they end up in the small chamber with … Continue reading

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