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Life & Death Chapter 1

Intro We start off with Meyer telling us how shocked she is that it’s been ten years. Yet it only feels like yesterday that you drove a nail into the coffin of vampire fiction. Don’t get me wrong, it still … Continue reading

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Matched Chapter 2

We rejoin Cassia at her matching ceremony where she’s told she doesn’t belong in any of the houses and is, in fact, a squib. Now she’ll run off screaming, someone will kidnap her and then the house cup will go … Continue reading

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Betrayed Chapter 13

So I know that I don’t say a lot of positive things about the books I’m ripping into. To be fair, it’s not what we’re here for, none of the authors who’ve been mentioned here need me to pat them … Continue reading

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Eldest Chapters 47 & 48

These chapters are called ‘broken eggs and scattered nest’ and ‘the gift of dragons’ Eragon is busy working on his penmanship and Oromis is pulling yet another Yoda. ‘Concentrate.’ That’s good because I see no other way to defeat Gabby … Continue reading

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