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Chosen Chapter 2

Let’s talk about mind control and love, shall we? Remember how Rowling had Voldemort’s mom controlling his dad with a love potion? Remember how that wasn’t considered a good thing? And remember how we were supposed to be bothered by … Continue reading

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Chosen Chapter 1

Ah, a break from Zoey. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve had to listen to PCK’s inane chatter. I can’t wait to see what stupid things she does in this book. Oh, it’s the first sentence of the … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapters 63 & 64

We start up with Max sitting in her “dog crate” wondering if she’s going to save the world or get killed. Whoa, Jimmy. Way to ramp that tension up to eleven and never look back. Maybe the next big arc … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapters 59 & 60

So the big question of today’s post. Why are the wolfmen chasing Max and them in the first place? They have a tracking chip in Max and, no doubt, in the others. After all, you wouldn’t trust on them all … Continue reading

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