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Hidden Chapters 19 & 20

Chapter 19 With this series, I’m often left mulling over a dilemma. Are they worse from a technical sense or are they more offensive from a general story perspective? Are they bad because they espouse equality while enforcing racism and … Continue reading

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Awakened Chapters 1 & 2

But first the… Acknowledgements Wherein PCK continues to blame othere for the blight which they’ve unleashed upon the world. To be fair, I supposed they’re not even patient Omega at this point let alone patient zero. Once again they take … Continue reading

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Bree Part 3

Otis keeps this freight train barreling down the tracks at over a hundred miles an hour without stopping. I can see why she opted to skip chapters as that might give us time to catch our breath and she wanted … Continue reading

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Brisingr Chapters 3 & 4

These chapters are called ‘assault on helgrind’ and ‘divergence’. Eragon Wakes: 1 I figured out why Chris decided that Eragon doesn’t need sleep. First, he thinks it makes him cooler. I’m guessing he once heard about the Uberman sleep schedule, … Continue reading

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Host Chapter Fifty Eight

Well, one more chapter and an epilogue, for there is always an epilogue with Otis, to go. Like a patron waiting in line at Jack in the Box I am eagerly awaiting my fresh serving of disappointment. At least with … Continue reading

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