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Life & Death Chapter 19

I think the most frustrating thing about this series is that it’s built on a lot of assumptions. That is, the author is assuming things about the characters or expecting us to. For example, that Bella/Beau have any kind of … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapters 75 & 76

I’d like to start this recap off with a special message. This isn’t just for Jimmy, it goes for every author in existence. Ahem. Yes! We get it already! You do/have lived in New York city and were impressed and … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Chapter Twenty Eight

I’d like to start this chapter off with a little digression. Some of you are saying ‘No, not you Vivi. You never stray from the topic at hand.’ That’s at least half of what I peddle here, the other being … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Chapter Ten

Jake already knows what’s going to happen. He’s going to make the offer to give Bella regular babies and she’ll say no. So then, why is this book so long? I need a sharpened pencil to stab into my thigh. … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Chapter Seven

You know when I first started the Twilight books I believed everyone was just angry at the fad. I saw much of the same thing when Harry Potter came out. People making fun and mocking it simply because it was … Continue reading

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