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Split Second Chapter 16 & 17

Chapter 16 Every time we switch perspectives, I feel like the narrator from Super Friends has to be talking to us. I feel like I should be filling in with “Meanwhile”, Michelle is pursuing her leads. The first two are … Continue reading

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Betrayed Chapter 15

I’d like to talk about geeks for a moment and their role in culture. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed an abundance of characters and even people claiming to be geeks because they like things that were, at one … Continue reading

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Keeping It Real Chapters 1 & 2

We start the story in earnest with a record executive. Which is making me feel like I’ve been sent down a wormhole back to the past. It’s some cheap label and the CEO is dicking around at his desk when … Continue reading

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Inheritance Chapter 62

This chapter is called “over the wall and into the maw”. Gee, what could possibly happen in this chapter? I imagine they’ll get into the city and start killing random people that give Eragon funny looks. We flash forward to … Continue reading

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Midnight Sun Chapter 3 Part 2

Alright, quick digression before we get into this. Yet another thing I wanted to talk about is the Cullens in general. Otis like to talk them up as intelligent and cultured people. I mean,Carlisleis a doctor, Ed has multiple non … Continue reading

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