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Life & Death Chapter 3

The biggest hurdle Meyer faced when she decided to do this was that Twilight already existed. The cheap joke here is that she’s just repeating herself. The deep one is that Meyer is trapped in a dream she loves and … Continue reading

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Destined Chapters 12 & 13

Chapter 12 We’re over with Heath who’s still in his golem form of Aurox. Why do I get the feeling that his transformation back into Heath will be the big arc of the book? I’d like to hear how that … Continue reading

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Hunted Chapter 1

There is a point where I’ve begun to worry I’m repeating myself and I can’t help it. It’s a bit like being just intoxicated enough to know you sound like an idiot but you’re not capable of telling your mouth … Continue reading

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Inheritance Chapter 52

This chapter is called “and all the world a dream”. Which must mean someone’s hallucinating and being as Murtagh just told us, a couple of chapters ago, that Gabby can screw with minds we can deduce form the title that’s … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Chapter Fourteen

I’ve come to a new conclusion today. Otis wasn’t trying to make a good book. Gasp and protest, you might be heard to say, do ya think? Put a stopper in the sarcasm for a moment and hear me out. … Continue reading

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Breaking Dawn Chapter Two

Someone must have forced Otis through a creative writing class in between this book and the last. She’s learned to skip! We go from her trying on her dress in the last chapter to lying in bed with Ed the … Continue reading

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Eclipse Chapter Nineteen

I’ve begun to suspect that Otis set herself a target word count when she wrote these. Each book had to grow by some factor only she knows and if it didn’t, she had to go back and make it wordier. … Continue reading

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