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Inheritance Chapter 48

This chapter is called “burrow grubs”. I’ll note, sadly, that we’re still stuck with Nasuada. You know, when I started, I wondered just how Paolini was going to fill all these heavy pages. The whole story, what little of it … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapters 109 & 110

Here’s a hypothetical question. Let’s say you’re being pursued by people you don’t like. You’ve run to a hiding place and tried to avoid them but they found you anyway. Then, just as they’re about to capture you, they’re called … Continue reading

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Maximum Ride Chapters 63 & 64

We start up with Max sitting in her “dog crate” wondering if she’s going to save the world or get killed. Whoa, Jimmy. Way to ramp that tension up to eleven and never look back. Maybe the next big arc … Continue reading

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Eragon Chapter Fifty Six

Counting this one, Chris has four chapters to turn this story around and steer if for port Awesome. A good author could do it. They could pull a surprise ending that’s taut, well written and engaging enough to make up … Continue reading

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