“Inheritance Cycle” Book 1(Eragon Recaps)

Prologue – He’s a slim shade, the real shade.

Chapter One – Ohh, explody!

Chapter Two –  How can you have pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

Chapter Three – Back in my day we didn’t have tyrants.

Chapter Four – I can haz Eragon burger?

Chapter Five – Secrets and lies

Chapter Six – Dragons in the sky with diamonds.

Chapter Seven – Call me McCrunch

Chapter Eight – Ansgty Spice

Chapter Nine – They’re bad, ya know it.

Chapter Ten – You can fly.

Chapter Eleven – Oh noes, Garrow is dead! Now I can be a tragic hero!

Chapter Twelve – Tragedy, coming soon to an Uncle near you.

Chapter Thirteen – Death comes suddenly to a dying man

Chapter Fourteen – I know too much

Chapter Fifteen – Sahpira is, how you say, a leather girl

Chapter Sixteen – Let the beatings commence

Chapter Seventeen – Don’t let her get stuck in a tree

Chapter Eighteen – He’s a magic man

Chapter Nineteen – Not exactly a sorcerer’s apprentice

Chapter Twenty –  Ho, ho, ho it’s magic! You know it!

Chapter Twenty One – Don’t cross the swords

Chapter Twenty Two – Whoo-hoo

Chapter Twenty Three – Walking around

Chapter Twenty Four – Reveal and Blather

Chapter Twenty Five – Betrayal cocktail anyone?

Chapter Twenty Six – Fortunes suck

Chapter Twenty Seven – Hooked on Brommics worked for me

Chapter Twenty Eight – Stop right there and let me escort you off the premises!

Chapter Twenty Nine – Werecats, the medieval equivalent to Lolcats

Chapter Thirty -I’d like to make a collect scry to Galbatorix

Chapter Thirty One – I’m a master now

Chapter Thirty Two – Welcome to a real city

Chapter Thirty Three – No blood for oil

Chapter Thirty Four – It’s a trap!

Chapter Thirty Five – In the Line of Fire

Chapter Thirty Six – New People!

Chapter Thirty Seven – Someone else is dead

Chapter Thirty Eight – And the plot drags on

Chapter Thirty Nine –  Captured…again

Chapter Forty – Sitting in the cell, no change

Chapter Forty One – Come fall with me

Chapter Forty Two – Check out my Curaga

Chapter Forty Three – There’s water in them there sand dunes

Chapter Forty Four -In which an elf is mistaken for a Samsonite carry-on

Chapter Forty Five -Been through the desert with an elf with no name

Chapter Forty Six – Trying to be like ol’ Eddie

Chapter Forty Seven – Saphira, standing in for Eragon’s mom

Chapter Forty Eight – Stealing from only the best

Chapter Forty Nine – I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

Chapter Fifty – To be all sad and junk

Chapter Fifty One – A hero’s welcome, finally someone who can fix the royal toilet.

Chapter Fifty Two – Evil, most definitely

Chapter Fifty Three – Have a blessing, heck, have ten

Chapter Fifty Four – Brom had a life you say?

Chapter Fifty Five – Criswell predicts

Chapter Fifty Six – No hero left behind

Chapter Fifty Seven – Getting armored and liquored up

Chapter Fifty Eight – Not exactly the battle for Helm’s Deep. It isn’t even the Black Friday squabble for a bluray player.

Chapter Fifty Nine – Someone get him a handicap plate