Book 03(Chosen)

Chapter 1 – Still special

Chapter 2 – It’s their fault for not reading her mind

Chapter 3 – Because Zoey can’t have anything ordinary

Chapter 4 – Finding Hobo

Chapter 5 – Welcome to make out courtyard

Chapter 6 – Clingy teens

Chapter 7 – Do the creep-ah!

Chapter 8 – Aprhodite surprise

Chapter 9 – Back in the circle

Chapter 10 – I believe the term is ineffable

Chapter 11 – Location scouting

Chapter 12 – The blood is life

Chapter 13 – Bickering equals drama

Chapter 14 – Dexter was here

Chapter 15 – Not even plausible

Chapter 16 – Decisions, decisions

Chapter 17 – So special it hurts

Chapter 18 – The most casual murderer

Chapter 19 – No one’s sadder than Zoey

Chapter 20 – Ceremonial

Chapter 21 – Erik is evolving

Chapter 22 – Seduction by sleaze

Chapter 23 – Loren now just needs a molestache

Chapter 24 – Bad guys never close doors

Chapter 25 – Angry for no reason

Chapter 26 – The resurrection of Stevie

Chapter 27 – More abuse of her powers

2 Responses to Book 03(Chosen)

  1. Jenn says:

    “Loren now just needs a molestache” I’m dying. That’s so great.

    I know people have probably suggested a lot of books for you to spork, but you should look into Hush, Bush by Becca Fitzpatrick, an obvious Twilight ripoff only with fallen angels instead of vampires and the creepiest love interest known to man. Did I also mention the research failures and mind bogglingly idiotic characters?

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