I Swear, I’m Not Dead

So, somewhere along the line of things I told myself I could just do everything. Not everything in the world, mind you, like recovering all the aluminum cans people have thrown away because they’re too lazy to put them in the recycle bin and smelt them into a recycled airplane or anything half as ambitious. I said, I can work like a trucker possessed by the spirit of meth, remodel the house and maintain a semblance of a social life without letting my hobbies suffer for it.

While I abhor lying to anyone, until they become a customer, I have no such qualms about lying to myself. I once worked a second job on the weekends, spending twenty hours of my “weekend”, by telling myself that I would quit just as soon as I had didn’t need the money. I didn’t need the money at the time but I had convinced myself that the whopping two hundred dollars I was earning on a biweekly basis by selling out my free time wasn’t chipping away at a debt or anything. I was, apparently, just lying to myself so I’d be well practiced when I got older. I did this for two years before I quit.

This wasn’t helped that I found myself with something of a deadline. Relatives coming from across the country to visit turn into the greatest motivator for housework, if nothing else. Especially when you’ve offered them a room to stay which, at the time of offering, has become a temporary workshop for the rest of the house. Made worse by the fact the flooring couldn’t be done until the rest of the upstairs was finished because laminate can’t be dropped in when and wherever.

And while the rest of the house is still in need of work, I did manage to complete the important bits on one floor. A week before the relatives arrived, the room was complete and even had a nice pair of curtains in place to really sell it. The visit happened, good times were had(I hope) and they left not thinking that we live in perpetual squalor and stained walls.

Which left me exhausted and telling myself that I was going to pace myself on the rest of the place from now on. This naturally meant I have been avoiding doing anything more strenuous than laundry.

That can’t remain the status quo forever and I intend to get back to the site and such shortly. In fact, I’m working on putting up the next pair of chapters soon. The plan is to get back to the point where I can at least post weekly. Even if no one tunes in, it’s a mental exercise that keeps the brain agile

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