House of Night Timeline



28th – Day 1 -Chapters 1 through 10

Zoey gets marked, leaves home, visits god, goes to the school, witnesses Erik getting a blowjob, moves in, has dinner, meets her “friends” and gets invited to a ritual.

29th – Day 2 -Chapters 11 through 19

Zoey goes to class, meets Erik, meets Elliott, goes to the ritual, sees Loren for the first time, goes to the second ritual, drinks blood for the first time, gets her cat Nala, visits with Heath and Kayla and drinks some blood from Heath, flirts with Erik and gossips with Stevie.

30th – Day 3 -Chapters 20 through 24

Zoey has breakfast, tells Neferet about her blood bond with Heath, Zoey does a ritual of her own, the ritual does nothing, flirts with Erik again, Erik and Zoey start dating.

31st – Day 4 – Chapters 25 through 29

Zoey watches Elliott die, realizes Heath has been trying to reach her, witnesses Aphro having a vision, sees Elliott returned from the dead, goes to the Halloween ritual, watches Aphro summon spirits, ends up drawing Heath to her which puts him in the position of victim, makes a magic circle and sends the spirits away, gets credited with saving the day and gets put in charge of the DDs.



– Day 1 – Thursday – Chapters 1 through 11

Zoey’s parents visit, Neferet is rude to them and drives them off, witnesses Aphro’s parents being mean to her, steals ideas from the internet, flirts with Loren, reworks the DDs using aforementioned stolen ideas, skips class, Loren flirts with Zoey more, hears about some kids getting killed and drained, has dinner with Neferet, gets warned by Stevie not to start fucking a teacher, sees Aphro have a new vision about a bridge, decides to call in a bomb threat and is interviewed by the police about the murders.

– Day 2 – Friday – Chapters 11 through 18

Zoey gets up early to call in a threat. She heads out to eat snacks and runs into Heath. Zoey drinks more blood from Heath, cementing their bond. She finally makes her threat and waits for the story to appear on the news. The prophecy was true and they save everyone who would have been on the bridge. Witnesses Neferet commanding the undeadlings. Zoey prepares a ritual and texts Heath.

– Day 3 – Saturday – Chapters 19 through 24

Erik comes back from the Shakespeare contest. Erik gives Zoey a dress. Zoey does her ritual and all her slaves learn their elements. Stevie dies and Zoey gets comforted by everyone in the school.

– Day 4 – Sunday – Chapters 25 through

Zoey dreams about Heath being kidnapped by Stevie and the undeadlings. Zoey talks to the police then steals a horse to mount a rescue. Zoey runs into Stevie who’s back from the dead and Zoey ignores her pleas to kill her. Zoey leaves with Heath and kills one of the undeadlings. She figures out Neferet’s evil and Neferet blanks her memory along with Heath’s. Zoety meets with god again before waking up. The police give her a ride back to the school and Zoey fixes her memory. Then Neferet learns that Zoey knows she’s the bad guy.



24th – Day 1 – Chapters 1 through 6

Zoey whines about her birthday. The slaves give Zoey her presents and she secretly resents them. Zoey meets her Grandma who gives her a first edition American print of Dracula. Zoey’s mom and step-dad show up so Zoey can yell at them. Zoey drives around then runs into Stevie who’s trying to kill a vagrant. She scares Stevie off and goes back to the school where Erik and Loren posture at one another.

25th – Day 2 – Chapters 7 through 15

Zoey plans a ritual and flirts with Loren in the library. Loren suggests that a relationship between them might be against the rules but they could still go for it. Zoey and Loren kiss and they’re basically together. Aphro is forced into Zoey’s service. Zoey puts Stevie up at Aphro’s parents house. They find Nolan dead upon returning to the school. More flirting with Loren.

26th – Day 3 – Chapters 16 through 27

Zoey sneaks off to breakup with Heath which she fails to do. Zoey grabs a nibble from Heath, drawing the attention of two random thugs. Zoey throws them into traffic, probably killing them(chapter 17). Zoey gets caught sneaking back into the school but her friends cover for her. They have a ritual and, afterwards, Erik turns into a full vampire. When everyone leaves to celebrate, Zoey stays behind and has sex with Loren. Erik catches Zoey and Loren after they’ve boned. Erick breaks up with her later. Zoey goes to Loren for comfort and sees Loren fucking Neferet. Erik confronts Zoey again while they’re preparing to heal Stevie. Eveyone yells at him because PCK doesn’t want anyone to like him. Stevie gets healed and Aphro becomes human. An assembly is called and we learn Loren is dead and they’re prepping for war with humans.


29th – Day 1 – Chapters 1  through 13

Zoey has been ignoring her friends for two days, thus establishing the timeline. Stark is introduced along with his archery ability. Stevie visits and Aphro reveals an apocalyptic vision she had. Zoey and Aphro summon Nyx and talk to her. We learn about an evil counterpart to Nyx. They have a meeting with the vampire pope, Sheky. Erik returns to the school as a drama teacher. We learn the backstory of Stark and that Zoey and him are probably soul mates. Stark then bleeds out and dies.

30th – Day 2 – Chapters 14 through 28

Zoey goes with Aphro to street cats. We meet Angela, the nun. Aphro flirts with Darius while Zoey and Stevie talk. Stevie agrees to reveal herself and the undeadlings. Zoey sees Heath for the first time since their bond was broken. Zoey has class with Erik, enacts a scen from Othello and they kiss with what we’re assured is passion. Aphro reveals a prophecy which she wrote down. We learn about the evil Queen Tsi Sigili(Neferet) and Kalona from grandma. We learn that the ravens are bad, as is the queen and Kalona.  Zoey has an encounter with a raven, sort of. Zoey meets with vampire pope, get permission for grandma to stay over and runs into Erik on the way out. After grandma arrives, a raven attacks her and Zoey before being scared off with magic.

31st – Day 3 Chapters 28 through 33

Zoey wakes up to the news that grandma was in an accident. Zoey makes Angela, the nun, watch over grandma.  Zoey shows up to the ritual, that she’s hosting, late. Stevie makes an entrance followed by Neferet shortly after. Neferet pretends not to be evil for a bit. Stark is revealed to be resurrected and under Neferet’s control. He shoots Stevie and her blood awakens Kalona. Nefert then stabs Sheky while Zoey and slaves flee the campus.



1st – Day 1 – Chapters 1 through 9

Zoey meets Kalona in a dream. We flash back to earlier in the evening though as it all happened after the escape in last book, I maintain it happened on the 1st. Stevie receives basic medical attention then sucks on Aphro for blood, causing them to bond. We learn Stevie is in charge of the undeadlings and meet characters who add nothing. We also learn they exert mind control over humans who work in blood banks so they can feed. Venus is introduced and flirts with Erik. Erik and Zoey kiss and Zoey tells him no sex because she’s no Aphro. Zoey thinks she should talk to him before getting back togehter with him but doesn’t and they start dating again.

2nd – Day 2 – Chapters 10 through 22

Heath shows up at their hiding spot, a raven attacks, Zoey gets wounded and Heath rebonds with Zoey because she’s a greedy blood bitch. We learn that fledglings need to be around a group of vampires or they’ll die. They take Zoey back to the school. Zoey faints and gets treated. Zoey sneaks around with Darius and catches Stark being a vampire. They yell at him because he was sipping on another vampire. Zoey runs into Becca, the girl Stark was noshing on, and it’s clear she’s under mind control.

3rd – Day 3 – Chapters 23 through 33

Zoey has a dream with Kalona. She tells him off and wakes up. Stark is in her room and sane in spite of being undead and soulless. We learn Kalona can’t invade the dreams of people sleeping with other people. Zoey and Stark cuddle and go to sleep again. Zoey go to class and reminds us how weird things are. Zoey begins to plan their escape. Zoey and Stark make out. Stark then pledges himself to her which makes him sane and an adult. Lenobia decodes the prophetic poem and that they have to meet up with the nuns. More escape planning. They then escape and nothing stops them while they get to the abbey. Kalona appears and they send him packing by blessing him.


3rd – Day 1 – Chapters 1 through 15

Zoey thanks Nyx for her help but no one who was present and risked their lives. Stevie send people on errands and we learn she’s hiding secrets. Stevie stumbles upon Rephy, who’s wounded but alive, and hides him. Zoey visits Stark in the infirmary and he’s very sad. Stevie feels sorry for the ravens while everyone else calls them monsters. Zoey has a memory from Aya about Kalona. Stevie ministers Rephy’s wounds. We learn very little about the warrior’s oath. Zoey cuddles with Stark then runs into Erik. They fight and Zoey breaks up with him. Zoey sees Kalona in a dream and he sexually excites her. Zoey tells him to piss off and the dream ends. Aphro has a vision about Kalona burning the world. Stark appears and sleeps with her through the rest of the night. Aphro and Darius confess their feelings to each other and Darius swears to her.

4th – Day 2 – Chapters 16 through

Stevie wakes up early to check on Rephy. She helps walk him to the tunnels where he can hide. We learn there are some evil undeadlings still. Zoey has a brief dream with Kalona when Stark leaves her to shower. They go to have breakfast and Erik is now with Venus. Everyone talks smack at Erik and Zoey yells at them. They head back to the school, finally, and find out Dragon’s wife is dead. Zoey visits with the wounded and they all bitch at the nurses for being pacifists.

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