Hunted Epilogue

Here we are. At the end of the book and PCK has an epilogue for once. They call it “afterward” though because they don’t want to admit it’s an epilogue. They didn’t have the heart to make another chapter but they didn’t want to leave any loose ends for the next book. You know, besides the villain who’s just been chased off and not actually defeated.

None of us said anything for what seemed like a long time. Then, moving automatically, I thanked the elements, closing our circle. Numbly, I helped Grandma back to her wheelchair. Sister Mary Angela began mothering everyone, clucking about how wet and cold and tired we all must be, and herding everyone toward the abbey, where she promised hot chocolate and dry clothes awaited us.

Thank author that PCK filled us in on those details. Here I was, end of last chapter and I could not stop fretting about whether or not Grandma was ever going back to her wheelchair. And the elements, I could not sleep last night knowing that the elements where still hanging around and not receiving gratitude.

Zoey says “the horses” and Angela says they’re already taken care of. Again, good to know. Also, I’m not surprised that no one needs to take care of the horses. Author forbid Zoey have to have any responsibilities. Sure, it was her idea to drag the horses out into the cold and the snow but does that really mean she should have to take care of them? Just because she’s been given a horse because the authors want one themselves, doesn’t mean she has to do anything more than brush and ride it.

Zoey walks over to Stark and he’s unconscious. She says there’s the outline of an arrow burned into his chest and he’s not breathing. She says she already saw him die once but that she can see it happen again. As soon as Zoey touches him he coughs and starts breathing.

“Hey,” I said softly, smiling through my tears and silently thanking Nyx for this miracle. “Are you really okay?”

Wait, so Nyx can stop people from dying? Does that mean anyone that dies doesn’t have to? But let me guess, she only does this for vampires. Gee, can’t imagine why she doesn’t have many followers. It’s probably because of all the bigots out there.

They banter and Darius says that when he pledges himself to Zoey that he’s supposed too protect her, not scare her to death. When did Darius start being such a dick? Stark says that serving this “lady” will mean rewriting a whole bunch of rules. Yes, Oklahoma will have to bring back hanging to deal with Zoey. Apparently Erik and Heath agree.

“You’re telling us?” Erik said.

“Yeah, not something we don’t already know,” Heath said.

Zoey just flippantly says “well, hell”, ignoring the opportunity to clear the air regarding her relationship status among the boys. Then the clouds clear and the moon comes out. Zoey assures us it’s very pretty and that it clears up her confusion about Kalona. Ah. So the moon talks to you too, Zoey? Angela then comes up to Zoey and says that it’s not over between her and Neferet and Kalona.

Whoa, you mean that things haven’t been resolved in a PCK novel? That’s incredibly rare. All the other books have been so good at wrapping everything up. I hope this trend continues because I love nothing more than dozens of dangling loose threads. There’s nothing quite like unresolved plotlines which only serve to create weak drama. Zoey isn’t worried though about

“I know,” I said. “But what ever happens, my Goddess will be with me.”

“As will your friends, child. As will your friends.”

They’re not friends when they get nothing out of the relationship, Zoey. And that’s how PCK chooses to end the book. No resolution of any kind, the bad guys still free to wreak havoc upon the world. I suppose this would be a good time to include my final thoughts on this book.

Stephen King;s Desperation also deals with an evil god. There’s a part in it where one of the characters wants to flee because they’ve almost beaten Tak and he’s cleared a path to let them go. Another one tries to stop him by telling him that they have to end it now because, if they don’t, Tak will just continue hurting people as he’s done for so long.

It’s one of those important moments that shows how committed the characters are to defeating the antagonist. PCK does the same thing but they probably don’t realize how they’re portraying their characters. Zoey comes across as lazy, a coward and ineffectual. She has the power to make earth move, she did it in an earlier book for fucks sake, and she didn’t bother trying to trap him.

Then there’s the relationship drama. Heath had to get drawn back in why? I thought maybe PCK had realized the unfortunate implications of having a human who was enslaved and used as an energy drink so they used the incident with Loren to get rid of him. Instead it turns out they were just squeezing him for cheap drama. Erik serves the same purpose while Stark is her soul mate.

And then there’s Kalona. Neferet is the actual villain but Kalona was billed to be this ancient evil and incredibly dangerous. PCK did a passable job explaining why he’s considered evil but dropped the ball once he actually appeared. The best they managed was telling us that everyone seemed brainwashed and didn’t laugh enough. Then he flew off because they blessed him. Gargamel would have been a bigger threat than Kalona.

And lastly, nothing’s changed from the first book. Zoey is the same obnoxious brat she’s always been and will be. All of her friends are simpering morons who bow and scrape to serve their queen while hoping they don’t lose her favor. Meanwhile the villains continue to offer as much resistance to Zoey as the very air around her.

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  1. Dizzie says:

    “As will your friends, child. As will your friends.” Ugh. I don’t know why but that ‘phrase, receiver. phrase repeated’ is so annoying. Dx

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