Hunted Chapter 20

For those of you who haven’t suffered from brain damage, you may remember we were left dangling with Stark drinking from some girl. I did leave out the detail that the girl was protesting before Stark bit her. That doesn’t mean Zoey’s not above engaging in some hypocrisy right off.

What Stark was doing was a twisted mockery of the good-night kissing that usually went on there. He was holding a girl in what could have been an embrace, had it not been obvious that, just seconds before his teeth had locked on her neck, she’d been trying to get away from him. I watched, horrified, as Stark, oblivious to our presence, continued his attack on her. It didn’t matter that the girl was now moaning with sexual plea sure. I mean, we all know that’s what happens when a vamp bites someone: The sex receptors in both the “victim” (and in this case she was definitely his victim!) and the vamp were stimulated. She was physically feeling plea sure, but her wide, terrified eyes, and the rigidity of her body made it obvious she would fight him if she could. Stark was drinking in huge gulps from her throat. His moans were feral and the hand that wasn’t holding her tight against his body was fumbling at the girl’s skirt, lifting it so that he could situate himself between her legs and—

So it’s wrong when Stark does it but okay when Zoey does it? Look, PCK, the first time Zoey started drinking from Heath wasn’t done with his permission. She just saw blood and started licking it which got Heath addicted. Just because he offered consent afterwards is meaningless, he was already been under mind control at that point. And all the most recent offers were because he was going through withdrawl.

Darius tells Zoey to free her and shove her forward. Stark drops the girl with, what Zoey says, no more thought than he would have a “Big Gulp”. That’s not fair, Zoey. You have no idea if he’s such an inconsiderate bastard as to litter. The girl crawls away from Stark while whimpering and ends up behind Darius. Stark mutters how she seems to keep getting in his way. It’s okay though, fans, he’s just a mindless monster who came back from the dead. Another product brought to you by the ever compassionate goddess Nyx who’s so much better than the gods anyone else worships.

Zpoey talks about some “darkness” that “pulses” around Stark. She says she say it before in the tunnels and that it had been around Stevie before she got back to being Stevie. Yet another detail PCK had to add to make something work. Darius then tells Stark that vampire don’t abuse females, Stark says he’s not a vampire and Darius says Nyx taught them better. Stark then says that the rules have changed around here

Zoey get’s mad at Stark and asks him what happened. He says he died and Zoey says she knows because she was there. She reminds him that he said he’d come back to her and his dog. Stark says that things have changed and more is coming and that the old way is weak. Darius says following Nyx isn’t weakness and Stark retorts he hasn’t seen much of her, has Zoey?

“Yes, actually I have,” I spoke up. “I’ve seen Nyx. She appeared right in there”—I pointed at the girls’ dorm—“just a couple days ago.”

Yeah, good for you Zoey. God stops by for a chat with you but no one else. Free will or not, if she just made an appearance for other people they probably wouldn’t feel so abandoned. Zoey then says Stevie’s okay and Stark says he doesn’t care. He says he was just doing what he was told then, when Zoey asks, says no one’s controlling him. Darius says Stark’s bloodlust is controlling him and Stark says he may just like it. This starts Stark off on a Neferet styled rant about being in control of humans, not hiding in the shadows and using them how they want.

“That fledgling isn’t a human.” Darius’s voice was like a naked blade, reminding me that he wasn’t just a big brother–type guy; he was a Son of Erebus and one of the most powerful warriors alive.

Ok, and that makes it worse? Would Darius have just yawned if he’d seen Stark sipping on a human and walked past? But no, it was a young vampire so they had to stop him. Stark says he was thirsty and there wasn’t a human handy. Stark threatens Darius and Darius sends Zoey inside with the girl.

They keep talking, however, with Zoey telling Stark that Jack is taking care of his dog. Why are they talking to this guy like he’s sane? Look, PCK, Zoey knows that the undeadlings are mentally screwed up when they come back to life. She even knows that Stevie only managed to have some control because of her elemental magic. So why is are they being so hard on Stark and trying to convince him with words?

They suggest that maybe they go see Stevie and Stark is game until Zoey suggests Stark leave his bow behind. He says no deal and Zoey starts trying to make him feel bad by saying she kept her promise and didn’t forget about him and Duchess hasn’t either and it’s all very sad, I’m sure. Stark then drops his bow and start whining about how there might not be anything left to love. Then Zoey leans in and kisses him while whining about Heath and Erik and talking about how they might be soul mates.

Stark freaks out saying Zoey should have forgotten him and runs off. Zoey stares after him. She starts wondering how she could feel a connection to a monster like that and blah blah blah. Look, PCK, we know Zoey should know better than that. So let’s stop playing the game where Zoey pretends she’s never been given a clue and stumbles about. Zoey then complains about being tired and how she wishes she could just grab a shower and sleep, closing the chapter with this.

Naturally, my wish was no one’s command…

It’s funny because no one ever does what you say, Zoey. Apart from all the commands everyone else obeys. Maybe one day your author will make it so people have to listen to you by appointing you president of all vampires.

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