Sealed with a Curse Chapter 5

Thank you Jesus, it’s a short chapter.

For once, Celia is justifiably mad and pretty much like, “What the fuck did you just say?”.  If someone that had tried to get me killed a week ago then wanted me to not only forgive him, but also help him kill someone else, I’d be upset too.  I mean, Vivisector waited at least until our first anniversary before springing that on me.  Then again, Vivi’s a softy at heart and knew that nothing acts as a better aphrodisiac than bathing in the blood of your enemies.  What a romantic.

Misha apologizes and attempts to quickly back away from the self-righteous-female-anger-shit-storm he’s about to unleash.   Perhaps if he offers her a dead mouse or a bowl of warm milk she’ll stop hissing.  Instead he explains that with the bloodlust affecting him and his family, he needs to do something.  El Tigre is still agitated, but since she is curious by nature, she wants to know why he needs their help.  It’s not because he likes them, it’s because he already has 4 matching catsuits that’ll fit them perfectly…or it’s because they’re not tied to anyone else in the supernatural community and they’re “powerful”.

And since there hasn’t been nudity or eye fucking in a few pages, he starts to get a little saucy with her:

Misha’s mouth parted; he was apparently confused as to why I didn’t immediately straddle him and shove my tongue down his throat. Geez, hasn’t anyone ever told this guy no before? I stole another glimpse at him. A lock of hair rested against his perfect skin, while his gray eyes sizzled enough to fry my thick lashes. Okay. Maybe not.

Another cliche I’m tired of.  The woman that is sooooo different because she doesn’t want to pounce the attractive male, even though we know she will eventually screw him.  So what they waited an extra week?  Does giving a man blue balls make them respect you more?  If that’s the case, then my creepy ex-coworker should have respected hell out of me and my low cut tops.

Celia stands to leave in a huff like a typical woman when Misha stops her to explain that he has to figure this out or he’ll have to kill his whole family.  Do it and then maybe I can put this down and read something better, like the back of my shampoo bottle or the directions for my microwave Mac ‘n Cheese.

She understands his plight (What?  A character that can sympathize with another?!) but has to decline since she can’t put her sisters at risk.  Misha gets all super serious in the face and states that her sisters are already at risk.  If that is the case, then why should they help him?  Clearly it’s just going to be endless killing and I don’t see this helping them in the long run.  Better to have Misha on their bad side than all the other Master Vampires.

A vampire interrupts them to tell Misha that someone named Aric Conner is on the phone but he refuses to speak to the “mongrel”.  Aric hears that through the phone and gets angry and hangs up.  Seems like a stupid thing to throw in but I’m assuming Aric is the head werewolf.  Maybe it was put in the book to show everyone always gets their panties in a twist.

Misha then pulls out the dick card and tries to make Celia feel shitty because:

“You cannot fathom what it is to watch your family die.” I swallowed hard. “Actually, I can.”

BOOM!  Hope you feel like shit now!  Too bad it’s not a special gift Celia has, just the ability every woman is born with, to make the man that’s interested in her feel bad for unintentionally sticking his foot in his mouth.  Then he’s forced to buy her designer shoes as forgiveness and she doesn’t have to put out.  Everybody wins!

El Tigre wants to lash out but Celia has to fight to make sure Misha doesn’t see the sadness in her eyes, you know ’cause he’d be so shocked to see that losing her family gave her human emotions.

I stood to leave, but not before Misha clasped my hand and kissed it. “Make certain the decision you reach is a just one,” he whispered. It wasn’t a threat—at least, I didn’t take it that way. They were more the words of a desperate man, or, as I reminded myself firmly, a desperate vampire.

Those doesn’t smack to me as desperate words.  Maybe something more like how he’d do anything to help his family, even if it means he may not survive.  It’s a cliche but it’s much more desperate sounding then the whispered throw away he gave her.  I think the author just wanted to be clever with the desperate man vampire bit.  Don’t get sloppy in the rest of your writing just so you can toss in the totally awesome sentence you thought of while sitting on the toilet at 3 AM after all-you-can-eat jalapeno poppers night.

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