Untamed Chapter 20

Part of what makes this story so intolerable is the lack of consequences for anything, at least not as it applies to Zoey. This latest moment between her and Erik is just more evidence of the fact. Look, it doesn’t matter why it happened or how but Zoey boned Loren and Erik found out. This hurt his feelings and understandably so. But now, two days later, he’s ready to forgive her. It would be forgivable if actual time had passed but it’s only been two days. Unless Erik overnighted a new heart, he shouldn’t be in a good place.

I’m wondering if this is all a side effect of the compressed timeline PCK has instituted. That or they’re just awful at writing about relationships. Probably because they mate then kill so they’ve never known a man longer than it takes to consume him.

Oh. My. Goddess. The ringing bell was like a fire alarm. Erik broke away from me, and the class burst into cheers and a chorus of Okie “Whoo-Hoo!” and “That was hawt!” I would have fallen over if Erik hadn’t kept a hold of my hand.

Zoey now lives in the world of the sitcom. I’m waiting for the laugh track to introduce itself as it sits noisily down next to the applause sign. Everyone else leaves the room because the two named characters have to have a little moment. As soon as the last background idiot is out of the room, Zoey says that they need to talk. Erik, being not quite the pushover he was before, tells her to get going so she’s not late to the next class and shut’s his office.

Zoey says that she knows one thing now, that Erik isn’t feeling cold towards her. She seems to think that he kissed her so hard because he’s mad and wants to kill her. Erik is now a mafia don and gives the kiss of death to those that displease him. Why does everyone have to either hate or love Zoey? Isn’t there anyone who’s ambivalent towards her? People who see her around but don’t really care because they’ve got better things to worry about.

Zoey walks along until she gets to the courtyard where there’s a crow. She feels watched and scared so she yells out for whatever it is to reveal itself. When it doesn’t, Zoey decides she’ll use her wind powers to shake it down and then kick its ass. That’s when Darius appears to take her to the next plot point.

Darius says that Zoey must come quickly, that it’s Aphro. Instead of just going along because it seems urgent, Zoey has to ask why. She asks if Aphro’s sick or something and Darius says no that she needs Zoey. He asks her if Zoey trusts him, she says she does and he says to just relax and follow him. Don’t mind the large, sharpened pendulum that’s hanging above the doorway nor the vampire holding the rope off to the side.

Has anyone seen Cirque du Freak or read the graphic novels? In it, the vampires can do a sort of flash step that allows them to cover a lot of ground quickly. PCK must have read them as well because Darius takes Zoey’s arm and they flit forward rapidly until they get to the dorm.

We were in front of the girls’ dorm within a couple of seconds, and I’m not exaggerating.

Even if you weren’t, I still don’t believe you Zoey. You’re not exactly the most reliable narrator out there. Zoey asks how he did that and Darius just says that the “sons of erebus” have vast skills. Yes, there’s nothing mightier than plagiarism. Darius says Aphro is in her room and Zoey tells him to tell her teacher why she isn’t in class.

Yes, your friends having some sort of personal crisis is a valid excuse for skipping class, Zoey. It’s just that these things always seem to crop up when there’s a scheduled test of some sort. For the smarter readers, we’ve already figured out that Aphro had a vision of some sort. Zoey enters Aphro’s room and sees that her eyes are bloodshot and she’s weak. Aphro asks her to get a water and Zoey complies, mentally tallying how much service Zoey will have to do to make up the sudden deficit.

I hurried over to her mini-fridge and grabbed a bottle of water from it. Then I detoured into her bathroom, where I got one of her gold-embroidered washcloths. (Jeesh, she is so darn rich!) I quickly poured some of the cold spring water onto the washcloth before hurrying back to her.

Because towels that appear to be embroidered in gold are impossible to find. Ever since the laws prohibiting costume threads and jewelry that were enacted back in the twenties. That’s when they worried that the poor might look like the rich without actually having any money and they couldn’t allow that.

Aphro didn’t realize her eyes were bloodshot until Zoey mentions it. They banter for awhile until Zoey decides she wants to know what the vision was about. Aphro points to her vanity where there’s a poem written down. Zoey asks if Aphro wrote it and Aphro says that she did while in her trance. Zoey reads it aloud for our benefit and it mentions a slumbering ancient one and women kneeling before a “dark knight”. Also, it mentions some “Queen Tsi Sgili”.

Now we get to sit through Zoey and Aphro reasoning out what it means. Need I mention that they’re incredibly stupid and they have no real idea? I’m surprised they don’t run it by Damien. I’m sure he’d have heard of this queen in “house of night: a history”. Zoey says that it sounds almost like Cherokee. Oh great, PCK is dredging up things they haven’t thought about since book one. Then Zoey examines the poem closer and has a stunning revelation.

“It’s the writing,” I said through lips that had gone cold. “This is my grandma’s handwriting.”

Why, PCK, just why? Why does it have to be written in grandma’s handwriting? Just the fact that it sounded like Cherokee to Zoey would be enough of an excuse to call up grandma and pick her brain. No, Aphro had to be channeling grandma. Because Zoey’s far too thick to have figured it out otherwise.

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