Site Update

For the long time visitors you’ve probably noted a change in the site. I’m trying to make it cleaner and easier on the eyes for new folks. Mangraa posted a link from Anti-Shur’tugal–thank you!–and I’ve been getting a few new visitors. A couple commented on the garish theme, which I liked but I listen to input. Hopefully the new layout will make everything easier to broswe/read.

To you first time visitors, welcome. I figure if you’re a reader of Anti then you probably know what my business is around here. I’ve done a couple of Twilight books, the complete Inheritance “saga” and a couple of others. The pages above can take you directly to a list of links or you can browse the archives by date.

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3 Responses to Site Update

  1. mangraa says:

    Wow. I got a mention. I’m tangentially famous! You deserve the exposure – hope it serves as motivation to continue 🙂

  2. maeverin says:

    spiffy! as much as the black background fit the subject, this is a bit easier on the overworked eyes.

  3. emotedllama says:

    Yeah, this is a lot better; I half read through your Maximum Ride spork and it was kind of difficult to read. The new theme makes me want to read the sporks a lot more.

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