Maximum Ride Chapters 11 & 12

Wow, Jimmy and Otis must have all gone to the same creative writing course. The characters start off this chapter realizing that the wolfmen took angel there. Now they’re going to sit around talking about it. Which is good in that now I know Jimmy’s secret to writing. Spend only one chapter on each segment of the story. So, that means at least one more chapter for them to plan, another one where the discuss the plan, another where they finalize the plan…I’m thinking there will be a hundred chapters before they go and “rescue”, i.e. walk into the obvious trap, of Angel.

“Oh,” said Nudge, her brain hitting overdrive. “Yeah. We have to go get Angel back. We can’t let her stay there—with them. They’re—monsters. They’re going to do bad things to her. And put her in a cage. Hurt her. But there’s five of us. So the rest of us have to go get hmph— “

What bad things, Jimmy!? ‘They’re going to do bad things.’ Without an actual example that statement is meaningless. And they’re going to do bad things? Was kidnapping not a bad thing? Was the illicit genetic engineering not a bad thing? No, those were all kosher. It’s how they’re going to make Angel watch Old Dogs until she can recite every line from memory.

Iggy protests that they’re going to be outnumbered and that mounting a rescue is stupid. Then Max says it’s not a democracy, it’s a Maxocracy. Yes, really. Well, can’t argue with that can you Iggy? I mean, her leadership has gotten you this far. Squatting in a cabin in the woods for four years, waiting until something happened to put them in motion. Did someone say mutiny?

Being the great and brilliant leader Max is, she tells Iggy and Gasman they have to stay behind. And she pulls no punches with Iggy. She tells him flat out that she asked this because he’s blind. Sure he can somehow fly even though he’s blind but screw him because he has a disability that could become a liability. And Gasman has to stay behind because he’s eight.

“Jeb would never have made us stay,” Iggy said angrily. “Never. Ever.”

I pressed my lips together. I was doing the best I could. “Maybe not,” I admitted. “We’ll never know. Jeb’s dead. Now everyone get your gear together.”

What? They have gear? Is it a bunch of rescue gear like ropes, flashlights and gloves? That seems awfully convenient, considering the circumstances. Do they also have gear for breaking into vaults? ‘Ok, we need to get Angel out of that bank safe. Everyone, get your gear.’

The next chapter is the first in part two. Part two being called ‘hotel California, sort of’. Again, this makes perfect sense that Max, our narrator would reference that song. You know, being fourteen and having grown up in a lab she’s surely been exposed to the amount of culture necessary to refer to an Eagles song that was a huge hit in the seventies.

“We clear on Plan B?” I asked, raising my voice so Fang and Nudge could hear me over the roar of the wind.

That’s the first line from the chapter. I stand by my assertion that plan A is to not be born as a genetic experiment. Or maybe plan A is to not be an irritating character in a book filled with more plot holes than the number of bullet holes I’m going to put in it.

“In Death Valley, eight miles due north from the Bad-water Basin.” Her mouth opened to add more, but I raised my eyebrows at her. I love Nudge, Nudge is a great kid, but that motormouth of hers could have turned Mother Teresa into an ax murderer.

Yup, right there in the middle of Death Valley, that’s where this secret lab is. Not that anyone could ever find it, what with all the death and the valley all around. Also, that’s the kind of place that has lots of woods and cliffs.

Somehow that’s a perfect place. If it weren’t for all the fact that it’s not remote I would happen to agree. Or maybe Max meant it’s a perfect place to escape from. Hopefully the people running this lab didn’t learn from the last time and tighten security.

“On the plus side, flying is just really, really cool,” I said, and he looked at me with a half smile of understanding. His dark wings moved powerfully, glinting faintly purple in the sunlight. The wind was whistling in our ears; we could see everything for miles. It was like being God. I imagine.

Oh, yeah. “On the minus side, we’re mutant freaks who will never live a normal life.”

Oh look, more cursing their powers. ‘Damn my awesomeness, curse it all to hell.’ Also, they’re flying at ninety miles an hour. Apparently while they were doing all that genetic tinkering they also installed pulse jets into these kids.

And how exactly are they able to see while going that fast Jimmy? ‘Genetic engineering.’ And how are they able to talk while speeding along? Shouldn’t they be out of breath trying to maintain that speed or, winded from having air come at them that fast? Have you ever tried to breathe with a powerful wind bearing down on you? ‘Uh, genetic engineering.’

Oh and for no apparent reason, Nudge mentions that she looked through Jeb’s papers. Now she has parents knows where they live. She wants to stop by because it’s just in the area I guess.

Again, that makes perfect sense. I’m sure Nudge’s mom just handed her over in exchange for a check or something. ‘Well, here’ you go, twenty six dollars.’ ‘Thank you so much.’ ‘Now, if you want you can come visit her at…’ ‘Nope.’ ‘But, we don’t mind allowing the birth parents to observe from a distance…’ ‘Nope, I’m taking this money to the slots. Once I hit it big I’m moving to Vegas and changing my name.’

Don’t worry. The super competent Max nixes the idea of paying a visit to Nudge’s parents by saying they should focus on rescuing Angel. Except that Max somehow knows that will cause problems later. Good job keeping that tension up Jimmy.

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