Final Thoughts on Bree

At the start of Bree, I had hoped I’d end this set with a quick glance backwards by summing up the excuse for a plot with a pithy single sentence and saying ‘that’s it huh?’ But no, I can’t do that. Not because Otis has learned to write. Because there was no bloody plot!

I arrived at this conclusion when I started asking myself a basic question. Who was the protagonist/antagonist? I suppose Bree was supposed to be the protagonist but that’s not right. She sat around reading and trying not to draw attention to herself. Those aren’t exactly the kind of actions that drive the plot forward.

Speaking of which, being as Bree didn’t do anything there wasn’t anyone going out of their way to thwart her nor was there any obstacle for her to overcome. There was no antagonist and that’d be fine if this were meant to be an examination of self or experimental but there was nothing like that. All that happened was a sequence of events that led up to Bree getting killed.

What happened? Nothing. And When I say nothing I mean our gain as an audience is part of a zero sum equation, negative if you count the expenditure of time and money. I guess we saw one vampire who wasn’t dumb enough to run headlong into a trap and die but Fred isn’t important.

What did we learn? Nothing. Okay, that’s not quite true either. We learned that Otis likes money, like a whole lot, and she really doesn’t have any ideas outside of Twilight. That might bother some other author but not her, no sir. She’s more than willing to milk that cow until it runs dry. Then she’ll put a bullet in its brain and sell the meat to the highest bidder.

Why do we care? In short, we don’t. Even the fans should be ashamed of this relentlessly awful attempt to cash in on their good will. There’s none of the fuax romance which is the hallmark of Otis’s writing and no one wastes paragraph after paragraph doing a little kissing and petting while staring into each others eyes. And one you’ve taken that away there’s absolutely nothing left. Otis can’t write anything else.

My only hope is that this was so universally loathed that the publisher got great big stacks of these “novellas” back in returns. That’s the only way the publisher will get the idea that Otis is a crap writer.

Ugh, anywho. Next recap I’ll be starting Midnight Sun, or what exists of it. For those who don’t know, a portion of it was leaked out onto the internet by someone. That person was probably a fan who desperately wanted to share it but they did us a mark of service. Now Otis has said that it’ll come out whenever she feels like it rather than its original due date. I’m sure she has some convoluted reason for this but I’d wager it’s so she can try to rewrite it so it barely resembles the leaked version. The trouble is that she can’t deviate from it much because the story is already set in stone with the first book. So who knows when it’ll come out but it’ll be too soon.

So, in the mean time I’m working with unofficial material that’s been floating around the interwebs. So it just sort of cuts off at one point as will the recaps of Midnight Sun. Oh, and if a full version does ever come out I’ll probably finish it up and compare notes to the original recaps.

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4 Responses to Final Thoughts on Bree

  1. Well, Bree was… low on story. And not very entertaining. And has a really passive female protagonist. Yeah.

    • maeverin says:

      if there is one thing i can say for Otis, at least she’s consistent.
      so let’s see if i can summarize the “plot”:
      Bree is a vampire.
      Bree falls in love with Diego.
      The Sun doesn’t kill them.
      But Riley and Felix do.
      The end.

    • vivisector says:

      Yeah, it was thin even by Otis standards.

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