Best Searches

WordPress provides a small list of search terms that lead to this site. Most are rather dull but I cull the occasional nugget of weirdness and throw it into this post. Some of them are positively baffling. The commas separate individual searches.

print out the host by stephenie meyer chapter 1,  vivisector how to kill the giant, vivisector readme

breaking dawn stock characters, vivisector is mean(either they know me or they meant vivisection)

“my cast” “leg”, hack vivisector, vivisector’s wit, new era thirty nine, who is the lawyer in breaking dawn(who cares?)

leaked version of the host extra chapter, breaking dawn declared chapter, novel gates of dawn each chapters, breaking dawn edward’s pov ch 30, stupid dog dad, “heaven helps the man who fights his fears” (Someone found me looking for Kenny Loggins, I am both honored and ashamed.)

antidie silly bandz, quileute promise band, dryer sheet pheromones and elephants, breaking dawn bella period, breaking dawn contradictions, quileute promise band, how to writ ness email, when is the first day of school in forks, breaking dawn bella quote about diamond skin(They just had to know what she said eh?)

declared breaking dawn recap, white rabbits band, the cullens on wife swap, extra host chapter, jared leto, wasn’t bree in breaking dawn, bash “compare two characters”, tied up and blindfolded, “still blindfolded ”

vivisector white win, “herbal essence”, white rabbits band, merlock pbs 2010, chapter by chapter eragon blog, quileutes breands [version of a promisen ring], response to literature, eragon(just plain eragon found me, awesome), the host- epilogue(yes, minus the epilogue host would have been better)

forshadowing in eragon(For shadowing in Eragon press one. For sleeping press two.), what’s going on with eragon(a superb question), pressants means, malk matajamba(I have no idea how that came here but it’s awesome)

host for epilogue(epilogue for the fail!), what chapter does garrow die(not soon enough), the black death first chapter writ by people, eragon dragon sex(the horror, the horror!), which chapter in eragon book you find metaphor(you find all over though suck), what was the weather like in eragon(more interesting than the story)

dragon humping(I have no words for how awful that is), what does an eragon elf look like(like a generic fantasy elf), what is it like being eragon(it’s like being the dumbest kid who gets handed a machine gun during safety awareness week)

eragon going to brom for dragon names(just needed to remember that scene, eh?),

1 Wood 40 1/2 Inche Wood 40 1/2 Inches5 Wood 37 1/2 Inches 

3 Iron 37 Inches

5 Iron 39 Inches

5 Iron 36 Inches

7 iron 35 Inches

9 Iron 32 Inches

9 Iron 33 1/2 Inches

Pitching Wedge 33 1/2 Inches

Putter 30 Inches

Putter 32 Inches

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