Eragon Chapter Ten

We break into the tenth chapter, titled ‘Flight of Destiny’, with Eragon running. Personally I could give less than a stir stick for Destiny’s flight. If Destiny can’t arrange things properly, like seating and baggage for example, then we’re all in trouble. I’m just going to assume it all goes well if it’s all the same to Chris.

Meanwhile, Eragon’s entry into the Boston marathon isn’t going so well. Running in leather boots isn’t quite as advantageous as he hoped. He’s closing in on the last two miles and he still in last place though Saphira looks to be coming down to give him a quick lift. The judges aren’t able to stop him as there is no precedent regarding dragon interference.

Or he’s decided he has to tell his uncle all about the dragon he’s been hiding in the woods. Which I’m certain will go so well, just like it did when he told his cousin about her. You’ve got to respect a hero that makes a plan and lets it fall through in less than thirty seconds.

As soon as he gets home he tells Saphira about these ‘strangers’ which causes her to go into a panic. In a scene reminiscent of King Kong she begins to flail violently while roaring at the world. Being as she’s huge and weighs a ton Eragon decides the only way he can stop her is to leap on her back. Surely a human slapping Saphira in the back of the head will calm her down. This would make the series a lot shorter and more hilarious if his name was Mion rather than Eragon.

Sahpira jumps into the air and begins flying. Eragon dangles about tantalizingly over the earth like an overripe fruit dangling from tree in high winds. Interest is quickly thwarted as he regains his grip and tries to get Saphira to turn around so they can warn uncle Ben, I mean uncle Lars, I mean uncle Garrow.

Okay, so none of this makes sense. It’s all pretty much an excuse to get Eragon airborne and shout ‘whoohoo!’ at the top of his lungs. We’ve been there and done that but the least you could do, Chris, is to have mad it interesting or even plausible. Why not have had Saphira meet Eragon on the road back and have him mount so she can carry him back to Garrow? It would have made sense and you could have established the whole Eragon equals dragon rider.

Saphira lands I the mountains and won’t tell Eragon(no matter how many times I type that I’m always sure it’s spelled wrong) why she dragged him so far away. She just says ‘Murderers’ and looks away. Oh I see, she’s getting ready to feed him to the Donner party. Good girl, Saphira. Have a sheep. Also, Eragon’s thighs have been rubbed bloody by Saphira’s scales, something that didn’t affect his clothes, just skin.

Eragon decides that now would be as good a time to take a nap. I mean, how often will he get the chance once the adventure really starts going? Naturally, being the stalwart woodsman he is, Eragon prepares to sleep in the woods by organizing a fire and a watch. Or he whines that it’s cold on mount Loser. Saphira offers a place near her side and tell him to keep his hands to himself.

Once he’s tucked in under a dragon wing, warm and safe, he cries about letting Garrow die. Yes, Eragon will do it. He will leave Tatooine, and become a Jedi master like his father before him.

Look on the Brightside, Eragon. Relatives are a copper a dozen. You’ll probably have a bunch appear shortly after you get into the next book and you can become bestest of friends.

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3 Responses to Eragon Chapter Ten

  1. Vanessa says:

    Why do most of his chapters end with him falling asleep? He is very much like Otis in that regard. Although Chris’ character isn’t passing out or fainting. Just narcoleptic.

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