Host Chapter Twenty

I didn’t want to point out anymore similarities between this book and Otis’s seminal work. I feel that even being the colossal idiot she is, I have to assume assume she’s at least making the attempt to break away from it. Thus I’ve been giving her the benefit of the doubt and believing she wouldn’t just recycle her old plot, would she?

Perhaps not the whole plot, but many parts, are coming back to haunt us. Consider the scenery. It has changed twice so far, most of the book has been Eve lounging about in one location waiting for something to happen. Now that she’s at the human settlement, she hangs about while Jared and a couple others go for supplies. In other words, to ‘feed’.

Eve has a habit of being melodramatic and crying at the drop of a hat. She’s a slave to her emotions and her host, rather than being in control. She fears the man she loves, knowing that he could break into violence at any moment. However, she chooses to believe he wouldn’t really do that.

When something is about to happen, the best she can do is put her flimsy body in the way and hope for the best. Does any of this sound familiar? It’s like Otis is only comfortable with a couple of settings and is otherwise agoraphobic.

Eve crawls out of her hole, sees her shadow and darts back in, signaling six more weeks of alien invasion. In a hundred years it will be the most celebrated holiday in all of Arizona. Thousands will flock there as they reenact the famous, Eve pokes her head out routine.

Jeb says they’ll have to look into getting her a bed to sleep on then he pats her on the shoulder. He’s not comfortable with tears it seems and thus I’m starting to have flashbacks of Charles. Only Jeb keeps treating her like a dog. He tells her to lay down on the mat and get some sleep, go on now. Later we’ll go for an extra long walk, all the way to the edge of the room and back.

Wow Eve sure sleeps a lot. At the start of this thing she was in a stasis pod and that’s mostly how she transitions between scenes. I’m starting to wonder if Eve isn’t narcoleptic. ‘So, as you can clearly see, zzzzzzz.’ ‘What just happened?’ ‘Don’t worry, she does this every five minutes or so.’ ‘Is she okay? Should we try and wake her?’ ‘Nah. She’ll come out of it just in time to cry about something.’

Jeb takes her on a tour of the place. He’s decided to find her a room and take her to the kitchen for a meal. Apparently all you have to do to make people trust you is just to hang around them for a little while. It’s a good thing spies would never use that against anyone. That’d be downright dishonest.

Sure some people would just a soon plant a knife in Eve’s ribs, Jeb even says as much, but what’s the harm in showing her about? It’s like someone would go out of their way to hurt her when she was wandering out alone. Where would you get that kind of crazy idea?

Jeb puts her up in a room that is already occupied. Being the ass that he is he tells her to use the place until he finds her somewhere else. She, being extremely uncomfortable and unwilling to use it, keeps her mouth shut and does as the man says.

When they get to the kitchen everyone stops eating and stares. Jeb doesn’t seem understand why. He’s the kid of guy that keeps a rabid mastiff on a twine leash, oblivious to the danger it poses others. ‘Oh god! What is that thing, a feral horse?’ ‘What? No, no,no. That’s just Fuzzy’s way of playing. Don’t mind the drool,’ ‘No! My organs are being savaged!’ ‘Oh, don’t be such a baby. That’s just how Fuzzy plays. It’s how you can tell he likes you.’ ‘Aghghh!’ ‘Bad Fuzzy, play nice.’

Jamie decides to tag along as does Doc and Ian. Eve goes on about how it seemed strange for such an outwardly nice person could be the ‘resident torturer’. Yes, who could have possibly seen that coming Otis?

We the readers aren’t nearly sophisticated enough to have put that together. Thank you for spoon feeding that to me or else it might have dribbled down my chin into the sand. You know, the same place your talent ended up.

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  1. Allycat says:

    There’s a plot?

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