Lobotomy Anyone?

What Next

So I have a thought to share with you or rather a philosophy. Don’t Shit Where You Eat.

It’s a simple concept that means so much more than the literal iteration. I mean it’s good general advice just for sanitary reasons of course. Using a kitchen as a bathroom is simply not palatable but I mean it in a different way.

Say, hypothetically, that you work at a place where people often hand you their credit card. It would be stupid to take a card, make a rubbing and then go and buy things online, right? It would be even dumber to order something shipped directly to your house because, hey, that’s the first thing the police would check right? That’d be like ordering something through itunes using your account but the stolen card number.

It would be even worse if the cardholder was a paranoid bastard that checks his bank balance every time he gets online. Why then he might be quite aware of any illicit activity and report it promptly. Why he might even go so far as to get the info of the recipients from these websites. Only someone asking for their frontal lobes to be culled would do something so stupid because not only are they going to lose their job but they’d end up getting  arrested. Especially when the state they live in counts Identity Theft as a class four felony Pursuant to CRS 18.5.902 and mandates a minimum fine of $2000 dollars plus damages. Jail time is optional.

Yeah, it’s far better to make a crappy wage than to steal from the customers. Far better.

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2 Responses to Lobotomy Anyone?

  1. Vanessa says:

    Same kind of thing happened to my friend only it was his college dorm roommate and he used my friend’s credit card to buy $500 worth of porn. Kid got kicked out of school and owed my friend a bunch of money, but at least he can now use his tears as lube while he masturbates with his awesome collection of porn. So it was worth it, right?

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